Spunky Skunk

I did this in response to seeing some of nine year old Ricki’s skunk pictures. (see below) Some of them are very stylishly dressed. Others are pure pattern and form. Some are cartoon characters. She has covered the full spectrum of personality and style I think. Or if not, she soon will.

As my own skunks were very naked by comparison, I opened up a cabinet card portrait of a snake charming carnival performer and stole her costume for one final skunkette.  She doesn’t have the lively energy of Ricki’s drawings, but that’s how it often goes… sigh.

Here are some of Ricki’s wonderful skunks via her dad’s phone.

1911221_10152399215774696_4551407812684581420_o 10257534_10152399215634696_2690486915892349287_o

3 thoughts on “Spunky Skunks

  1. Brian Maunder

    Ricki and I were so excited to see these illustrations. They are truly beautiful. My daughter has been drawing skunks for years. . And I’ve seen her style morph and change as she merges new ideas and inspirations to her beloved skunks. These skunks are sure to inspire her even more. Thankyou Judy.



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