A few moments

It’s early winter. Everybody’s out of the house. For just a few minutes. Too little time to do any serious work. I nearly sat down with the dogs in front of the newly laid fire and gazed into it…


But instead, hello.

Three books on the go at once here. I’m working hard at them. All of the projects are rewarding, but when I’m working on one, I have to try hard not to worry about the others. But enough of that.

Last weekend I took 24 hours to work on something outside my books. It’s outside my books, because it sprang out of them. (All three.) And now it has a life of its own. It’s mostly trees and plants and spaces and light, but those spaces have things in them, and stories. The something will go in lots of ways from here. But for now (since I only have a few moments) just a few images of the germination.

branching grasses print copyfrondy print copylooking uplurkersprint textureprint texture 2rampartrampart with temporary dogtree branchestrees with moon

They’re back. So I’ll go and cook dinner.

Bye. x

3 thoughts on “A few moments

  1. Bridget

    Beautiful! One of the pictures looks just like the wilderness around my home in Arizona, with the prickly pears silhouetted against the night sky.



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