Hello From Australia - Australian illustrators exhibited in Korea

This is an article from the Korea JoongAng Daily, about a triple faceted exhibition ‘Faces of Australia’ at the Korea Foundation Cultural Centre Gallery until 7 March. It features the photographic works of Lee Kyung-wook; a range of books and prints by Australian illustrators, and showcases the work of Shaun Tan. Ann James, wearing a sling because she broke her wrist on the ice shortly after her arrival in Korea, talks about the exhibition. My mice from ‘Goodnight, Mice!’ are bedding down for the night at the top, just over Ann’s glorious ‘It’s a Miroocool’ dust cloud. I hope they don’t get dust in their whiskers.
Many thanks to Ann Haddon and Ann James for once again showcasing Australia’s illustrators overseas. You can see more photos from their trip and this exhibition at the Books Illustrated blog, listed on this page.

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