petticoat book colour theme

Just now as I was jotting down notes for the colour scheme of Thunderstorm Dancing, I had a vision of the book being a costume.

The book covers are the dress – deep purples, greys, blues with a flash of red.
The endpapers may be startling like a red petticoat suddenly revealed
The internal pages are creamy lace and muslin with some blue embroidery, black stockings and a red ribbon here and there.

Drawing the little wench seemed the best way of jotting down my colour scheme. So here she is, a little 3 minute PhotoShop sketch (so forgive the hands and feet). If the book turns out very different, I might have to draw her a sister in a different outfit.

4 thoughts on “lacy bloomers in the sky

    1. Judy Watson Post author

      Ha ha! Nice to have a visit from the Mistress of Costume. I needed you when I was trying to think what fabrics these were. I could see them in my mind, but do you think I knew what they were?


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