Lucy the whippet gets in on the action...

Lucy the whippet gets in on the action…

dance hands poppy re-draw

Poor Poppy. As I have a thumping headache at the moment due to a cold, I sympathise with his predicament :-)

dance hands lucy re-draw 1

Often it’s the quickest pictures that have the most life… And often the quickest pictures are pictures of dogs… Ahem

dance hands alice re-draw leg up

This needs to be re-worked and then ‘unworked’! But I’m trying for that look that Hugo gets when he is squirming with glee, half crushing whatever he is holding, and throwing his legs about from a safe vantage point… not quite ready to join in… The cat is getting closer to the right baleful and disgusted expression :-)

2 thoughts on “Thunderstorm rages on…

    1. Judy Watson Post author

      Thanks Kath. You’re very kind. It’s true that a moment is not so hard to capture. What seems terribly, terribly difficult for me is capturing a sequence of moments so that they all go together nicely and not one of them lets the others down. Aaagh!



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