Thunderous expression

baleful cat sketches

The cat is becoming more baleful by the minute. But who can blame it when the only dry place is indoors… but indoors everybody has gone mad with dancing , banging and clanging? I have a vision of it being a sort of smudgy thing in each spread, somewhere amid the linework. So it might be black, if that works.

I think it might have to be a longhaired moggie. If there’s anything more uncomfortable looking than a cat that has been caught in the rain, it’s a long-haired cat that has been caught in the rain. Poor puss. I think perhaps this cat’s name is Thunder :-) That seems infinitely appropriate.

baleful cat sketches 1

But I am thinking I will give it a treat at the end of the book. I think it might get a delicious fishy. One that was imaginary, but might, just might, not be imaginary…

Is Thunder a boy or girl cat? Somebody tell me. So impolite to call it ‘IT’.

3 thoughts on “Thunderous expression

  1. kerrie lay

    Malevolent cat if you ask me. 1st one most thunderous. Baleful was the last picture where it was being strangled by the child. Great pics.


    1. Judy Watson Post author

      The cat has been sorely tried, Kezzita. Our old cat Ned Kelly would have looked even more thunderous under such rampantly feline-unfriendly conditions, and I wouldn’t go so far as to call him malevolent. (‘having or showing a wish to do EVIL to others’) Having said all that, I think I will draw the cat as more discombobulated and less baleful. First I must work out how to actually draw cats at all. ahem.



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