Lost Puppet Sketches

Didn’t I say I’d find the Three Billy Goats Gruff sketches somewhere unlikely? … I was wrong. They were on the floor, under a pile of papers and sketch books.

Here’s the page of goat sketches done when I briefly considered making puppets of the 3 Billy Goats Gruff for Clive Hicks-Jenkins’s Puppet Challenge. I liked the idea of using crumpled paper to twist into the horn shapes of these fellows. But first I had to remind myself of what makes a goat look like a goat. I didn’t spend very long at it. Just long enough to get to first base. Here’s first base.

billy goats page judywatsonart lores

A page of goats drawn in the car at soccer training. The middle-bottom one looks more like a Labradoodle I think.

goats 1 judywatsonart lores

Loose squiggles. Trying to get the ‘essential’ goat.

billygoat judywatsonart lores

Thinking about how nicely the horns would twist in damp brown paper…

3 billygoats judywatsonart lores

Thinking about how I would differentiate between Big, Middle and Littlest Billy Goats Gruff. Horns, eye position, nose length, beard. No 3. should have a very long beard, but as you can see in the top picture, he has been thwarted by the edge of the page.

troll puppet sketch judywatsonart lores

And of course a troll sketch to go with them. Only one.

If you like Billy Goats and graphic novels, you might like to visit Lucinda Gifford’s blog to see her great take on these characters.






3 thoughts on “Lost Puppet Sketches

  1. peter

    I know it’s a bit late in the day – bit i’ve only just spotted these guys!

    You have definetely captured the ‘essesence of goat’ with these sketches, I would love to see them in 3D, but it’s not like you don’t already have enough on your plate!

    Also, can I just say I LOVE your Troll sketch, he is comical and scary, I can imagine him lumbering along with his arms out in front of him making snuffling and snarling noises, if you only ever make ONE more puppet ( I hope that’s not the case) please please please let it be this guy!!



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