This is Emily

The official portrait of Emily Watson

The official photographic portrait of Emily Watson

You may have seen her portrait , painted by Arthur on the coop doors. If you did, I’m sure you asked yourself ‘Who is this Emily really? What is she like? Where is she going in life and does she have dreams like mine?’ Now is your chance to find out.


Official Pekin colour


Answers when spoken to

Comes when called
Always last to arrive

Raddled / discombobulated

Favourite accessory

Colour analysis by Bella
Soft Autumn. This means that
• She would look cute in a vintage floral apron
• She looks great with browns and soft leafy green colours (This is pretty handy if you are a free range chicken.)
• She could look good in a leopard print bathing suit if she wanted to wear one. She hasn’t indicated that she wants to wear one.

Emily's personal colour swatch book (yes, I am kidding)

soft autumn colour swatch book (I am lucky to have this. It also matches another chicken who may need to be accessorised, and more importantly my house!)

Favourite food 
Smoked salmon (Okay, so she’s only tried it once, but she grabbed a large chunk and sprinted across the yard to get away from the others.)

Running style
She really can’t sprint. She’s adept at the hurried waddle (a pace yet to be recognised by an Olympic sporting event).

• complaining loudly if not let out to free range by 8am
• making a big fuss if somebody tries to catch her
• being stroked whilst sitting on somebody’s hand with her fluffy feet dangling
• going broody
• laying a small, peachy-white egg every few days

Emily colour added after ink

Pet person

Pecking Order Ranking
Third from the top… via chance (she would make a terrible top hen!)

Unusual facts
• If smelling salts were still in vogue, Emily would carry them in a slightly ragged reticule with some of the beading falling off.
• If Emily became top hen, the whole flock would be carrying smelling salts and reticules.

Emily half profile looking discomfited

I think this captures the startled expression better than the official portrait

Emily front face

‘What is going on? Why am I up here? What are you doing? Where are my smelling salts?’


I know nothing of personal colour analysis. Please do not try to colour analyse your chicken at home if you are sending her to an important function. Employ a trained stylist to help you with her outfit. She will thank you for it one day…. maybe.

And seriously, getting your own colours done properly is a fun and worthwhile thing, even if you choose not to use the information. At least you will know what colours, fabrics and patterns do and don’t suit you so that you can make informed shopping decisions. (In my case, informed op-shopping decisions…)

3 thoughts on “This is Emily

  1. bellaatstylemetamorphosis

    I am distinctly concerned!!!!! I have not had the pleasure of Emily’s company of late due to clashing schedules and demanding commitments. Shame as I do miss our cups of tea and tete- a tete. What concerns me however are your photos of Emily. She is looking very warm rather than soft… what’s more, your wonderful personality description is also sounding warm. What to do, what to do? Could she have matured and changed as children do, growing through tormented teens and and into adulthood? I think she needs a colour check up. Whilst she would still look stunning in a floral vintage apron, it is vital that when it comes to some of those larger decisions, her colour choice is spot on. What if she wore the wrong frock to receive her OBE, for services to Chickendom? The shame!



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