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Enter Hazel

photo 3

Hazel listens to Scott imitating cheeping noises. A pretty good impression we thought… and so apparently did Hazel.

Here’s Scott at the kids’ homework bench with Hazel, 13 week old Bantam Salmon Faverolles. Hazel belongs to 10 year old Hugo and is his compensation for my decision to re-home the Pteranodon Twins, Rose and Lily. He loved them, despite their lack of domesticity. But I think Hazel is going to be a success. She spent a lot of time sitting on Hugo’s lap today enjoying a back massage from one of his hands and choice treats from the other. She is taking to domesticity admirably.

She’s not big enough to go in with the other girls yet and she is rather lonely. We’ll have to get a little friend for her soon.

I will have to start sketching her shortly, and see what she can contribute to Leonard Doesn’t Dance. She has the same cheek fluff (muffling) as the Araucanas and the little Belgian D’Uccle. I find that I like this look very much. Yes, I’ve been through a Schnauzer fancying phase at one time… and also a Border Terrier phase.

"Border Terrier Jekku" by Flickr user Petteri Sulonen - Flickr here. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons - http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Border_Terrier_Jekku.jpg#mediaviewer/File:Border_Terrier_Jekku.jpg

No. I don’t own this dog. It’s from Wikipedia. What a cutie. “Border Terrier Jekku” by Flickr user Petteri Sulonen – Flickr here. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Not unlike my Border Terrier of years ago, she has a distinctive habit of craning her neck.

Not unlike my Border Terrier of years ago, she has a distinctive habit of craning her neck.

And look, even Scott is sporting muffling at the moment!

School starts again tomorrow. I’m sure everything will swiftly become far more sensible.


Camperdown Sam

This post is to introduce you to Camperdown Sam. During our school holiday visit to Camperdown, on our first walk into the main street we met with various delightful local animal characters.

One local was Fred (Who belongs to Ted), a dog of strongly suggestive Border Terrierishness x Australian Terrierishness, who came from a rescue centre. (And according to Ted’s wife, I am completely wrong about his breeding.) We have yet to acquire some photos of Fred with ears aloft. They were lovely. More on Fred another time.

photo 1

Here’s Fred. It was hard to locate the crank handle to get him to lift his ears. These went up periodically to display neat, soft Border Terrier style ears but with tufts flying like pennants from the tips. I am determined to get a photo of those ears by any means necessary!

One was Sam. Sam looked at a distance like a small thundercloud. All furious black fluff, glaring yellow eyes, and very round. (Way too round for his own good.) But as Sam found himself being observed in his driveway, he demonstrated his highly social character by rushing over to introduce himself to us up close.

What with all the weaving, winding, and waving of his tail, Sam didn’t stand still long. At least that is the lame excuse I am giving for my poor photography. I was also stroking at the same time as photographing.

Sam in shadow

Sam in shadow – Check out that tummy, nearly touching the ground.

photo 1-1

Feather boa tail

photo 3-2 photo 4-1 photo 2 photo 4-2

Alright, so you get the idea.

Well, I’m only just getting started on Sam. I think he’s a lot of fun to paint. He’s so inky. But I’ve other work to do first.

Sam says happy birthday Ann James lores

For Ann James’s birthday I did this first Sam sketch. Poor Sam has been scandalously misrepresented in temperament. But it was so much more fun to draw him as a grumpy thundercloud cat. Especially wearing a party hat.

Camperdown Sam no tail judywatsonart lores

Then I did a couple of other quick ink paintings for the 52 Week Illustration Challenge (theme this week black & white… handy). This first cartoon Sam is ink with digital scribble on top. I don’t think it is a success. It could be, if I re-do the face or even just the eyes, but not at the moment. Anyway, his tail got lost off the edge of the page. Never mind.

Camperdown Sam judywatsonart lores

This one, I like. And here he is smiling, as Sam did in person. Note: I could have depicted them better, but I have tried to include the cute tufts of fluff that poke up between long-haired cats’ toes. I’ve made them too spiky, not clumpy enough here, so they look more like claws.

And now back to the last illos for Thunderstorm Dancing.


Coming Full Circle

We are tidying up the house before school starts tomorrow. An ambitious task, given a week or three, let alone one afternoon…

The boys went through a HUGE pile of their artwork in the kitchen and decided what to keep and what to recycle (I didn’t dare look). Aside from lots of kids’ artwork, they found some interesting other items including, a bag with a badge and pen from a toy train festival, two of my missing tax activity statements… for years already lodged (ahem), a pile of receipts for the same, and a few bits of my own mislaid drawings.

pencil testing pony

Mitsu-Bishi Hi-uni Poni with black wings

These were among them. They refer back to the first tests of the new pencil range that Scott bought in his Pencil Period, which I blogged about when I had just started Endpapers.

Here is another odd pair of sketches. I”m including them just because I have to finish cleaning the kitchen now :-)

pencil sketches kids with dogs

Miscellaneous! This was the beginning of my whippet phase, because of Thunderstorm Dancing. And Dexter the ball-obsessed Staffordshire Bull Terrier is of course the perfect foil to a whippet.


This is Emily

The official portrait of Emily Watson

The official photographic portrait of Emily Watson

You may have seen her portrait , painted by Arthur on the coop doors. If you did, I’m sure you asked yourself ‘Who is this Emily really? What is she like? Where is she going in life and does she have dreams like mine?’ Now is your chance to find out.


Official Pekin colour


Answers when spoken to

Comes when called
Always last to arrive

Raddled / discombobulated

Favourite accessory

Colour analysis by Bella
Soft Autumn. This means that
• She would look cute in a vintage floral apron
• She looks great with browns and soft leafy green colours (This is pretty handy if you are a free range chicken.)
• She could look good in a leopard print bathing suit if she wanted to wear one. She hasn’t indicated that she wants to wear one.

Emily's personal colour swatch book (yes, I am kidding)

soft autumn colour swatch book (I am lucky to have this. It also matches another chicken who may need to be accessorised, and more importantly my house!)

Favourite food 
Smoked salmon (Okay, so she’s only tried it once, but she grabbed a large chunk and sprinted across the yard to get away from the others.)

Running style
She really can’t sprint. She’s adept at the hurried waddle (a pace yet to be recognised by an Olympic sporting event).

• complaining loudly if not let out to free range by 8am
• making a big fuss if somebody tries to catch her
• being stroked whilst sitting on somebody’s hand with her fluffy feet dangling
• going broody
• laying a small, peachy-white egg every few days

Emily colour added after ink

Pet person

Pecking Order Ranking
Third from the top… via chance (she would make a terrible top hen!)

Unusual facts
• If smelling salts were still in vogue, Emily would carry them in a slightly ragged reticule with some of the beading falling off.
• If Emily became top hen, the whole flock would be carrying smelling salts and reticules.

Emily half profile looking discomfited

I think this captures the startled expression better than the official portrait

Emily front face

‘What is going on? Why am I up here? What are you doing? Where are my smelling salts?’


I know nothing of personal colour analysis. Please do not try to colour analyse your chicken at home if you are sending her to an important function. Employ a trained stylist to help you with her outfit. She will thank you for it one day…. maybe.

And seriously, getting your own colours done properly is a fun and worthwhile thing, even if you choose not to use the information. At least you will know what colours, fabrics and patterns do and don’t suit you so that you can make informed shopping decisions. (In my case, informed op-shopping decisions…)