‘Outsider Artist’ Martin Ramirez at the Library of Congress

Re-blogged from Detour Art. Click to go there and read a fabulous post on Ramirez and the question of the ‘Outsider Art’ label.

Ramirez spent most of his life in hospital, drawing on whatever he could find. How I’d love to see this artwork in person. It is painted on a patchwork of envelopes, correspondence and advertising fliers, addressed to the hospital.

pp_and_exhib_verso_BT_ramirez RamirezXRFOct13Brostoff_klb

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2 thoughts on “‘Outsider Artist’ Martin Ramirez at the Library of Congress

  1. Susan Peckham

    Dear Ms. Watson, I am the paper conservator who treated this amazing work by Martín Ramírez. I would like to share with you the video slide shows from the Library of Congress website. Our Junior Fellow, Michelle Dubert-Bellrichard, 2014 Junior Fellow, Conservation Division, executed the web design for this presentation: http://www.loc.gov/preservation/conservators/ramirez/index.html.

    Here you will find a video by videographer/Lead Technology Specialist, Jim Cannaday.

    I hope these presentations will provide a little more information. I was really excited to see that you had found the Washington Post article through the detourart.com, blog of Kelly Ludwig.

    Susan Peckham
    Paper Conservator



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