Scribble Blobs (experiments with blobs part 7)

Just so that you know what those mysterious scribble blobs look like… here are a few.

One of them is caught in mid-mutation; turning into a poodle.

Not sure what I’ll do with that blob at the bottom of the page… Man! That’s what I call a tricky-messy-multi-scribble-blob.

scribble blob sample


poodle scribble blob judywatsonart lores

Here’s Miss Poodle. She likes red.

She’s a digital sketch working from the scan at top. I like the effect of watercolour, but sometimes a quick doodle poodle is a good doodle poodle.


6 thoughts on “Scribble Blobs (experiments with blobs part 7)

  1. rosanechawi

    I love this experimentation :D blobs are the best, they’re a great exercise for the imagination (kind of like watching clouds in the sky and imagining them being something else)


    1. Judy Watson Post author

      I agree. It’s true. The texture of the watercolour paper adds a lot. And any hand-painted or drawn elements add so much richness to digital artwork. It’s one thing I have really enjoyed experimenting with while working on Thunderstorm Dancing. Thanks for visiting and commenting.



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