Meet me at Federation Square

If anyone is in the vicinity of Melbourne on Sat 13 June, I’ll be drawing at the Books Illustrated stall in Federation Square Book Market and the fabulous Ann Haddon will be selling signed copies of Thunderstorm Dancing by Katrina Germein, illustrated by me. Some of my other books will also be on sale.

drawing and signing at Bologna Children's Book Fair

Drawing and signing at Bologna Children’s Book Fair (In front with the green scarf, the lovely Sonia who has been attending the fair every year since she was a child.) 

Come and say hello. I’d love to meet you! I love people to talk to me when I’m drawing… not sure what I’ll be drawing… but it’ll be something. And I’ll try to bring along some stormy craft sheets for you to take away and use to have some arty fun with your little ones… or by yourself. I’m all for that too.

Sketch for dancing scene with Poppy, from Thunderstorm Dancing by Katrina Germein

Sketch for dancing scene with Poppy, from Thunderstorm Dancing by Katrina Germein

At this stage it looks like I’ll be starting at around 1pm and drawing for a couple of hours, but I’ll try to remember to update you on that a little closer to the time.

6 thoughts on “Meet me at Federation Square

      1. Judy Watson Post author

        Ha ha! We have found that the seemingly impossible can be done when you HAVE to. (Having put our house up for sale). But you don’t need to tidy your studio for me. I LOVE messy studios.


      2. lizkingsangster

        Not this messy, I can’t even get in there! Good luck with house sale, that would be a nightmare for us, 26 years here and 3 huge barns full of stuff, not to mention the attic. I hope you like your new house, very brave of your husband to buy it whilst you were away!!


      3. Judy Watson Post author

        Yes it was brave of him. He had a bit of a panic attack afterwards to put it mildly. But we are looking forward to it. I would love to see your barns!


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