Wet Weekend

Yes, last weekend was sublimely sunny. A perfect summer weekend. But here, our experience had rather a wet theme.

This was how it began.

my sunny wet weekend-1 loresjudywatsonart


To be continued…?

I will say this though. This morning started in a very similar way. Me in pyjamas answering a knocking at the front door. But this morning it was a school morning, I had slept through the alarm, and the kids were due to leave for school in 15 minutes.

Comics seemed the only way to express my feelings for the way our weekend went.




5 thoughts on “Wet Weekend

  1. Phil Cooper

    I’m a huge comic fan and this is just great Judy, hope you do more – it looks a horrendous situation, I hope it ends well, I’m looking forward to the next instalment 😊


    1. Judy Watson Post author

      Thank you Phil! I am a huge comic fan too, and have had daydreams of one day making a graphic novel, but I am put off by the massive amount of work involved. (See Nicki Greenberg’s fab page for an amusing take on this. I’ve linked to it before. It’s so good! http://www.nickigreenberg.com/#/comics/ ) Also, character continuity is my worst nightmare. The combination of the two things has made me very shy of attempting any comics. But I’ve learnt a good lesson from my oldest child Arthur who whips off comics at lightning speed and is prolific because he doesn’t worry about perfection, neatness or final finish. This in turn leads to practice, more speed, and more skill. Win win. He’s nailed the whole thing. So when the comics bug called to me yesterday morning, I heeded the call, took my son’s example, and made my very rough comic. Even so, posting gave me an anxious moment, because as a published illustrator, I’m not accustomed to publishing anything in such a rough and clumsy fashion. Funnily enough, posting rough little sketches doesn’t bother me, perhaps because they are native to me… I’m just about to post the next instalment, encouraged by your comment! Yikes!

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      1. Phil Cooper

        Thanks for the link Judy, Nicky’s comic is fantastic; yes, I think a graphic novel would do me in , they always seem to take years to produce, but I love them so!


  2. gailwatson2013

    Hi Jude

    I hope the watery theme in your life soon passes. I trust the nasty smell has gone and the effluent doesn’t affect the chickens, nor the eggs.

    Loved your cartoons. In the light of such domestic dramas laughter beats crying any day.

    Just keep an eye out for sinkholes!


    Gail xxxxxx

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