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Continuous line drawing with halftone

The theme for the 52 Week Illustration Challenge this week is ‘Black and White’. Not too much of a problem for me. Unlike last week’s theme, abstract. (aiiiiyh!!)

The boys and I went to the local hotel for a meal and took our sketch-books along. Mine was a dictionary of english phrases. I sketched the available people…. there weren’t many there! Then I scanned them, took out all the colour, and added some grey tone to give a bit of definition where my continuous line drawings were a bit ambiguous. But then I thought… black and white… not grey. So I converted all my grey to half-tone and I liked the effect. So that’s good! Trying something new with the altered books!

chatting girl b&w judywatsonart lores halftone

Chatting girl at the pub

This girl was as happy as anything and barely stopped chatting.

hoodie girl judywatsonart lores

hoodie girl at the pub

This girl listened. And chatted a bit too.

curly sunglasses guy judywatsonart halftone lores

Curly Sunglasses guy at the pub

Curly guy was a bit pensive.

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Sporting Man’s Club

Saturday night after the horse races, in the upstairs restaurant with a view of the bay. A soft warm breeze. Potted palm fronds gently moving. The mood of the crowd was jubilant. Voices and glasses were raised. High heels tottered.

I did two sketches as I waited for my meal. The first, a woman in an eye-catching hat; the second a woman having a quiet meal with a friend. She kept (more or less) still for longer than anyone I have drawn in ages!!

'Milly After the Races'

‘Milly After the Races’

Table 26

Table 26