Main Street Café, Mordialloc


What are the essential skills of a good waiter? Friendly helpfulness and not spilling your dinner down your neck? Well, yes. But they are bonuses. What you really want is children’s book recommendations and a chat about literature. 

ImageSo here are Gabe’s two most influential reads from the age of around 11. 

1. Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card – a cult classic soon to be a film. Gabe says ignore the blurb that emphasises a sci-fi theme. It’s really about people.


2. Blueback by Tim Winton – a great book. I’ve read this one. 


By the way, Gabe was our bonus waiter. Our real waiter was fantastic and friendly too, but we didn’t get his name. (Only the names of his kids – Arte and Will.) So thanks to the staff at Main Street for my fabulous birthday dinner out. Whenever we have been to this café we have been blown away by the loveliness of the staff. 


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