A sporting chance…

Cornish Rex character lores grey

Cornish drops in for a birdie, after an afternoon of thrashing about in bunkers.

A friend’s kids have started up a blog about sport. My boys have blogs about art. Not that they chat about it. We just post their own art on it for fun. But thinking of the two different blog subjects got me thinking about sport and art.

Then on the weekend, Dad came home from lawn bowls and told me about how he played. Sometimes he plays well; sometimes less well. And he tries all kinds of different experimental methods seeking that elusive, perfect technique. It was the same when he played golf. The frustration, the elation… the never knowing why or how one day’s performance was better than another. On a rare occasion, he’s ‘in the zone’ and the ball goes wherever he puts it.

Tell me, if you can do that on one occasion, why can’t you always? There’s no doubt that practice makes a big difference to how you perform, but nevertheless not many people can hit a hole in one.

It’s really a lot like art. One big difference is that in sport it’s easier to agree on the score. In art, everyone has a different set of goalposts…

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