Dance of the Ostrich

Here’s a new conundrum for me. Perhaps you can help. I worked this up as one piece, but in truth I was ambivalent from the start about where the boundaries of the artwork lay. so I meandered and let it happen as it seemed right.

I think it works okay as one piece, using the two pages. But perhaps it works better as two separate pieces. I’m probably going to mount some of these altered book pieces for sale, so I’ll have to decide whether to mount this as one piece or separate the two.

What do you think?

The Mating Dance of the Ostrich - spread

The Mating Dance of the Ostrich – spread

Left hand page

Left hand page

right hand page

right hand page

Feedback appreciated :-)

6 thoughts on “Dance of the Ostrich

  1. Kerrie

    Tom says separate as you will get more return for your work. Aesthetically, I think that either works but surprisingly, I think that I like them single best too. I like the way that there are parts suggested or hinted at. XX Kezza

    1. Judy Watson Post author

      Thanks Tom and Kerrie. Tom, good economic thinking ;-) Kerrie, aesthetically I think I’m inclining the same way. But I’m open to either. I’ve got to say that mounting the two together presents greater (though not insurmountable) difficulty, as the spread is not composed of the one piece of paper, easily extracted from the book!

  2. Joan Spittle

    Dad and I both think they would look better separately, both think they are gorgeous. Well done love Mum xx

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  3. Juliet Collins

    I love them as two separate pieces but perhaps going together as a pair? The fact that ostrich right leaves behind part of her body on left page adds to the sense of movement! I think the composition of the right hand ostrich works particularly well alone and that kind of gets a little lost when they are joined. Lovely!


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