Oh the irony. I am sitting 1.5 metres from the bombing zone at the pool doing drybrush :-)

With quite a bit of wet.







There’s a drybrush guy from a James Bond film doing laps. I’m not showing him my drawing in case he feeds me to some sharks.

There are a couple of drybrush mums and a few drybrush kids.

5 thoughts on “Drybrush

    1. Judy Watson Post author

      Thanks Trevor. I’m looking forward to exploring the book context idea much more. This particular book was originally chosen at random and much of the work was put on any old page, some of it possibly wildly inappropriate! I chose ‘the waterfall’ for today’s wet scribbles… but haven’t read the fine print… Yoiks!


      1. Trevor Mill


        Your work as an example of the sheer fun of drawing, making the point that you can draw / paint on anything, not just posh old expensive cartridge paper. Some of the best life painting I ever saw was on newspaper.


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