5 thoughts on “Alone and inky

    1. Judy Watson Post author

      Thanks Kath, I’m not sure that either of them is that good, but I’d never put anything up if I only put up things I was perfectly happy with. I’ve worked that out at last. Ha ha! What I am trying to teach myself and I’m finding really hard, is how to get the contrast to work as a composition in its own right, and not allow it to be subservient to the subject. Being an illustrator, I find it very hard to let go of the characters I draw for the purposes of a better composition, but that is what I need to learn to do. Anyway, that first dark bird, needs more significant areas of light on the page. To my eye anyway. Too dark all over. Hope all goes well with you. Thanks for stopping by :-)


      1. Minuscule Moments

        I see beautiful shadow and light, we are our own worst critic. I am learning what you already have. Putting movement into my characters, very hard for me….but will do book illustrations over and over until I am happy. It is so much fun.


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