Cat trouble again

Cat trouble again

I don’t know if the cat is directly responsible for this little dog’s trippy bad dream, but she is certainly doing her best to mozz him.

4 thoughts on “Week 32: PSYCHEDELIC

  1. Judy Watson Post author

    Hi Liz, Hope you’re expo is going like a dream! I’ve been rushing my blog posts (did you notice?) due to lack of time, so I’ve been remiss in not explaining. There is a 52 Week Illustration Challenge on Facebook that I have been participating in. Each Wednesday, a different theme, draw it or paint it and then post it before the next Wednesday. It’s a good motivator to find new ways of working (albeit very rapidly and in spare moments, in my case) and also to deal with topics that I would normally avoid like the plague! I must admit psychedelic doesn’t do much for me as a theme, but I enjoyed this doodle.



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