Cornish Cat working on the weekend :)

profile alice cat judywatsonart loresPhew! That’s half the spread fixed.

I spent a day on Thursday working on this page, and was really unhappy with the results at the end of the day, so it was back to the drawing board and a re-work of this character group. It might not have mattered so much if it were a busy page. But this is a section of the still page. It has to be right…

err… now I’m looking and finding a few things I might tweak… But not today. Time to spend time with my boys.

So the page 25 Cat-Called-Thunder and Alice are working to my satisfaction. I’ve just got to finish off the seven other members of the family! (laughs hysterically)


5 thoughts on “Cornish Cat working on the weekend :)

  1. lizkingsangster

    Well done, it’s a lovely grouping, the characters are utterly endearing, so the hard work was worth it. It looks as though it was drawn easily- which can be difficult to achieve after a whole day’s slog. Have a good weekend with your boys.


  2. Lucinda Gifford

    It’s just perfect Judy – a classic illustration, right down to those lovely, lively toes. You might know all the hard work behind it but to me the characters look effortless. Bravo and good luck with the rest!


    1. Judy Watson Post author

      Thank you Lucinda for your thoughtful observations. Sometimes the pencils feel almost effortless, but the inks, really never so. Retaining the freshness, yet imbuing with just enough ‘finish’ is difficult. But when it works, the heart sings :) Best of luck with all your exciting new projects! X



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