Imago Mundi

The Imago Mundi web site says:

Art is born from a complex direct relationship with its surroundings and culture.
Imago Mundi’s ambition is to unite these diversities of our world in a common frame of artistic expression.

I am lucky that a friend opened the door for me to participate in this wonderful international exhibition. (Thanks Juliet)

Here is my tiny canvas for Imago Mundi.

women in politics judywatsonart 2015

‘Seen and not Heard’ (dedicated to Gillian Triggs)

I’m endlessly fascinated with vintage cabinet card portraits, so this came out of that space, and also from my interest in the cladding of women under layers and layers of ornament. There is a drawn woman under the coat. It’s a strange thing to add layers of clothing to a drawn woman and slowly hide her from view. (Something I explored earlier here.)

But I was also thinking of Professor Gillian Triggs trying to be heard in the Australian Federal Government arena as I made this artwork.

It’s made with acrylic paint, indian ink, felt tip, watercolour and collaged book pages on a very small canvas.

scraps of girls who will go somewhere else

scraps of girls who will go somewhere else


11 thoughts on “Imago Mundi

    1. Judy Watson Post author

      Thanks Dyan. I think I will do some more of them. Juliet D Collins and I are plotting to do a joint exhibition of her mini stitched canvases and my mini collaged cabinet card portraits. Her work is all about stripping bare the female form, right down to the bone structure. My interest is with the cladding of the female form. So they go together in an opposite kind of way :-)

  1. lizkingsangster

    These are lovely, Judy, I love the freedom of touch and freshness you always get in your work. and the idea for an exhibition is great! In a future blog I would like to show a couple of your images, would you have any objection?

    1. Judy Watson Post author

      Thank you Liz. I would be delighted and flattered if you showed some of my work on your lovely blog. I’m pleased with these little works too, but wish the Ophelia one was the one going to the Imago Mundi exhibition now. It has more of the looseness and the look I was aiming for than the other one (which was my maiden mini canvas!), and I prefer Ophelia’s face. But that’s okay. I’m looking forward to producing many more of these, and juxtaposing some of them in grids to make larger pieces.

      1. lizkingsangster

        Thanks, Judy, I will get on to that in the next couple of weeks . I meant to ask the sizes of these canvasses? I love the idea of the grids. I often paint 10×10 minis and like the effect of laying them out together, they lend themselves to being a part of a whole.

      2. lizkingsangster

        They aren’t as interesting as your lovely pieces, mostly they are portraits of food ( a single tomato, croissant, lemon etc) I paint them to sell as an affordable item in exhibitions.

      3. Judy Watson Post author

        They sound lovely. I’ll bet they are wonderfully painterly. I remember a pub in London – I think the room was down in a basement area. On the Aldwych or the Strand perhaps. They had small painterly portraits of pears and such like on the walls (on little wood panels) and I was so taken with them that I had s go at it myself (with poor results!)

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