Brain Doodles (for want of a better name)

After my last post, I went away for the weekend. I had a great time, and made lots of things that may or may not be finished at a later date. Mostly I had a lot of fun with papier mâché and wire. I’ll put pictures up here when I have a chance to photograph them.

Then I came home to a house full of sickies and then I got sick and then I jiggered my back. So here I am at last back in the saddle (chair) and getting up every few minutes to make sure I don’t jigger it again. But it’s all looking good. I’ve picked up the pencil again. And the rain has been falling, and the birds are swooping around outside like mad and some of them tapping on the windows and jousting with their reflections, because it’s spring. And those reflections might steal their girlfriends.

Getting back in the (drawing or painting) saddle for me is always a bit tricky, (and I know it is for a lot of other people as well). I have to make it as fun and easy as possible, because if I try to do something excellent, it will all end in disappointment. But in truth, I’ve been drawing and looking at drawings for so many years, that the warm-up period doesn’t take long any more. There’s generally a little swirl, a dark, bold line, a smudgy bit or a light feathery touch that I really like in each drawing, even if the overall image is not a total success. And I love art enough that those little lines or smudges are enough to make my day.

Last night I picked up a pencil and started doing brain doodles. Doodles of animals from inside my head; animals who bear not a whole lot of anatomical resemblance to live animals.

In another variation on doodling in old books (fun and not scary) or making art from blobs (marvellously fun and not the least scary) I used second-hand computer paper from Scott’s work with those cute little rectangular grab-holes along the edges. Some of them had messages or notes scribbled on them already. How completely friendly and un-scary can you get?

And then I started with drawing chickens, went on to horses, then dogs and finally a couple of arty-farty-non-picture-bookish Leonards.

brain doodle chicken

brain doodle horse

brain doodle horses

brain doodle dark horse single

brain doodle horse single pale moving

I'm putting this one in sideways because I like the message about back for lunch!

This brain doodle horse is appearing on his side because I like the back-for-lunch message!

brain doodle dog with soft mouth

This brain doodle dog is not meant to be unhappy or cringing. It was more about the shapes and curves. It started with its head up, and then I wanted the bowed head because it’s a curling up figure. And the dog reminds me of our old Hungarian Vizsla with the soft mouth, that would curl in a spongy smile when she was pleased to see us.

brain doodle dog sleeping

This brain doodle dog has a large head. Or a small body. It doesn’t matter.

brain doodle Leonard with word tail

A brain doodle Leonard with plant species notes under his tail feathers.

brain doodle Leonard swishy movement

A brain doodle Leonard with swishy bits.

Happy doodling, all.

6 thoughts on “Brain Doodles (for want of a better name)

  1. Phil Cooper

    Sorry to hear about the back problems Judy, I hope everybody is all better now. This post is an inspiration, I always struggle with getting back in the saddle after a break, always trying to do great stuff straight away, and your writing and your sketches are a lesson in how to just relax and lighten up!
    By the way I got a copy of Thunderstorm Danicng for my little niece and she loves it and we love reading it with her, it’s so beautiful :-)


    1. Judy Watson Post author

      Thank you Phil. We creatives are so hard on ourselves. And I’m really glad that you’re enjoying Thunderstorm Dancing. How great that those hot, wet, stormy beaches have gone all the way to England! We had exactly that weather here yesterday.


  2. Andrea

    Hi Judy,
    I found your sketches while searching for graphics for my stationary. I am a small animal veterinarian in Wisconsin and I just love designing my own stationary just for my own use and to write directions for at-home care for my clients. I was wondering if you would mind if I used your brain doodle dog for my stationary? I would be happy to include your signature as well. I wouldn’t be selling them or anything. Let me know what you think. Thank you!


    1. Judy Watson Post author

      Hi Andrea.

      It’s lovely to meet you and isn’t it great the way the internet brings people together from across the globe? My father is a retired vet and two of my closest friends are vets as well. I’m glad you asked for permission to use the image.

      I’d be happy for you to use the image for your stationery for the very small fee of $20. It’s a kind of peppercorn fee because I believe that people should understand that artists work hard for a living and need to be paid for their work in the same way that vets are paid for vaccinations and pizza chefs for pizzas :-)

      Please email me if you’d like to go ahead and we can arrange for a method of payment. Cheers, Judy

      judy dot thumbprint at gmail dot com



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