The Prettiest Publications of the Past on AbeBooks

The Prettiest Publications of the Past on AbeBooks.

In case you want something to drool over while you are drinking your morning cup of tea, check out the AbeBooks e-newsletter for this week at the link above.

By the way, a couple of weeks ago I wouldn’t have known what this book was. Now, I know a little about Charles Lamb whose life was an interesting one, because I have read Anne Fadiman’s book ‘At Large And At Small: Confessions of a Literary Hedonist’. I’m so glad I did! It is a really wonderful read.

If you crave more delicious book covers after you’ve drooled over that lot, make another cup of tea and go over here.

And if you’re still thirsty, here is something more contemporary and bright. You should be properly awake after that:-)

Have a great day!

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