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Swimming again

Swimming again, or rather, watching the swimming. Here were some of my more immediate neighbours on the spectator benches at swimming lessons this week.

My fine-point pens had died of exhaustion, so I enjoyed using a thicker felt tip instead, and later adding a bit of pencil colour at the drawing board was fun.

auburn haired swimmer

auburn haired swimmer – this little boy has a spectacular head of flaming orange-red.

blue sibling

blue sibling – she found Ollie the Octopus’s antics amusing

green sibling

green sibling – same sibling, different colour

Mum with mobile phone

Mum with mobile phone – most of the spectators spend a lot of time watching their phones. It’s a funny world we live in now. I do it too sometimes.

long-haired mum with tissue long-haired mum


Oh the irony. I am sitting 1.5 metres from the bombing zone at the pool doing drybrush :-)

With quite a bit of wet.







There’s a drybrush guy from a James Bond film doing laps. I’m not showing him my drawing in case he feeds me to some sharks.

There are a couple of drybrush mums and a few drybrush kids.

Chicken supermodels at school

Two of our chickens spent the day at school yesterday. Poppy because she is so pretty, and Hilda the Hun because she is the undisputed Queen of Chickens and very relaxed.

They modelled for some creative writing in the Grade 2 classroom. Then they moved to the art room where they posed for life drawings with two Grade 2 classes and two Prep classes. Everybody, chickens and children alike, behaved beautifully.  The art teacher was wonderful.

I had the pleasure of peeking in (at the Pekins;-) near the end of the day while the preps were still hard at work drawing. They were so proud of their beautiful work. I only had time to take a few quick photos with my phone (mostly pretty dark and blurry!) and to tell them how well they were drawing. Here are just a few that I saw, including a handful by Dimitra who deserves her own separate art gallery.

hairy smiling chicken

A smiling shaggy chicken. Looks like Hilda’s expression with Poppy’s decorated plumage.

photo 5

Hilda with a very elegant tail

photo 3-3

Definitely Poppy – both the expression and the feathering

Chloe decorated chicken

Chloe has put a lot of work into that decorative plumage


Antonio has drawn both chickens. Poppy is sensibly keeping out of the way on the perch.

Abbey flock of chickens

A whole flock of Poppies in progress

2 chickens

Poppy and Hilda side by side on the perch. Feathers fluffed as they preen themselves. This little boy has cleverly drawn Hilda’s head reaching back over her shoulder to preen.

Dimitra - 2 chickens or chicken eating

I’m curious about this one. Is this chicken using one wing to bring food to her mouth, or is there a hint of the second chicken behind. I am tending to think the former.

Dimitra 2

Wish I could get my hands on those eggs. Our girls started moulting and stopped laying a good while ago.

Dimitra colured chicken Dimi

The class industriously drawing our two fluffy girls

The class industriously drawing our two fluffy girls