School information session (Level 3) on a hot night

Info night level 3 Susie G lores

Sue Grisdale talking up the front. From this sketch you will see that the teachers put more effort into their attire than the rest of us. They had been looking after our children all day. We somehow managed to look more hot and exhausted than they…

These sketches might not be very interesting. Most of them are people’s backs. Sorry about that:-) But here they are anyway. True to my own school days, I was up the very back row drawing people… After years of practice, I may not have perfected my drawings, but I have become pretty good at drawing and listening at the same time.

Info night level 3 singlet top lores

Info night level 3 nightdress lores

This woman did not remotely look like she was wearing a night dress in real life. But in my drawing, she does. My apologies to her.

Info night level 3 narrow frame lores

This woman was not thin. She was simply of a strikingly narrow frame. If she were a dog, she might be a Saluki. A well behaved one.

Info night level 3 button back lores

Ponytails and buns were the in thing tonight. I think it’s due to the heat and keeping hair off the neck. If I were able to arrange the back of my own head, I might have worn one too. Unfortunately I find that a bit too tricky.

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