Weather Sprites and whisps

These probably won’t be used in Thunderstorm Dancing, but some may…

whispy lightning boy

whipsy small person whispy big person corrected whispy chubby small person corrected

A family of whispy people, including a rather chubby child, proving you can be both chubby and whispy at the same time. I note that the dictionary prefers the spelling ‘wisp’ but allows ‘whisp’. To me the ‘h’ helps enormously with the whole whispy airy thing. How can you float through the air without an ‘h’ I ask you?

And I know this because cranky Miss Lee at my Primary School was fond of explaining how to correctly pronounce ‘wh’. You should sound as though you are blowing out a candle…

causing a whisp of smoke to rise perhaps….

storm tendrils compilation copy

And these little weather fragments and waves were nice to draw and paint. This book has been an interesting adventure that has led me all kinds of places.

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