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Coming Full Circle

We are tidying up the house before school starts tomorrow. An ambitious task, given a week or three, let alone one afternoon…

The boys went through a HUGE pile of their artwork in the kitchen and decided what to keep and what to recycle (I didn’t dare look). Aside from lots of kids’ artwork, they found some interesting other items including, a bag with a badge and pen from a toy train festival, two of my missing tax activity statements… for years already lodged (ahem), a pile of receipts for the same, and a few bits of my own mislaid drawings.

pencil testing pony

Mitsu-Bishi Hi-uni Poni with black wings

These were among them. They refer back to the first tests of the new pencil range that Scott bought in his Pencil Period, which I blogged about when I had just started Endpapers.

Here is another odd pair of sketches. I”m including them just because I have to finish cleaning the kitchen now :-)

pencil sketches kids with dogs

Miscellaneous! This was the beginning of my whippet phase, because of Thunderstorm Dancing. And Dexter the ball-obsessed Staffordshire Bull Terrier is of course the perfect foil to a whippet.


Experiments with Blobs (part 2)

Here are the ‘second pass’ blob creatures. There are also a couple that didn’t make the grade with the first pass and are now so much improved that they are going up after the second pass.

dino 2

This dino is as corny as ever :-)


elephant trousers 2

Little Elephant is messier but richer for his second layer of colour, I think.

little bird2

I like Little Bird much better for his red head and little tail feathers.

stork seaside 2

Stork looks much better now to me. He’s having a ball at the beach.


Thoughtful bunny was not a success to my mind. The patches were a mistake, but you never know until to try.

windy creature 2


I like this guy now he has some autumn leaves bothering him. Lots of movement now. I could have painted his coat actually…

beckoning dog 2

This funny little beckoning dog didn’t go up first time. He’s better with a bit of shadow. (Do you recognise the cloud over Stork and the autumn leaf here? They are all close neighbours on the same page)

parrot 2

Finally, a parrot who didn’t make the first cut. I like his feathering now that he has a bit more colour. Ticking in feathers or fur really does something for me. I love it.

grey blob creatures composite levels lores

And here, to finish up, a whole page of weird new blobs. We shall see what happens when I add a touch of colour to some of them. It’s a different effect of course, over grey; the colours are subtler, less pure. But this is what I did with the bookmarks originally.

And now it’s back to my Thunder work for the day.


School information session (Level 3) on a hot night

Info night level 3 Susie G lores

Sue Grisdale talking up the front. From this sketch you will see that the teachers put more effort into their attire than the rest of us. They had been looking after our children all day. We somehow managed to look more hot and exhausted than they…

These sketches might not be very interesting. Most of them are people’s backs. Sorry about that:-) But here they are anyway. True to my own school days, I was up the very back row drawing people… After years of practice, I may not have perfected my drawings, but I have become pretty good at drawing and listening at the same time.

Info night level 3 singlet top lores

Info night level 3 nightdress lores

This woman did not remotely look like she was wearing a night dress in real life. But in my drawing, she does. My apologies to her.

Info night level 3 narrow frame lores

This woman was not thin. She was simply of a strikingly narrow frame. If she were a dog, she might be a Saluki. A well behaved one.

Info night level 3 button back lores

Ponytails and buns were the in thing tonight. I think it’s due to the heat and keeping hair off the neck. If I were able to arrange the back of my own head, I might have worn one too. Unfortunately I find that a bit too tricky.

Cabinet Card Faces that tell a story

Young actress wearing a hat

Young actress wearing a hat – This was my warm up sketch. Fast and loose.

Waiting for the kids while they are in their drama class on Wednesday afternoons, I am in the lap of luxury for an hour in a big leisure centre. There is a huge room with large tables, very few people and a nearby change room with fresh water for painting. This week I took my altered book sketching back-pack (have ink, can travel) and did some sketches there.

When I want to launch into something without thinking too much or wasting limited time finding a subject, I sometimes like to look at vintage cabinet cards, featuring studio portrait photographs from the 19th and 20th centuries. The faces are intriguing, the costumes often more interesting than today’s garb and usually the poses are wonderfully contrived. They are in black and white so the tonal values and detail are usually good for my purposes.

gentle faced woman

Italian ballet dancer with smiling eyes.

Italian ballet dancer with smiling eyes. This one was done after I got home and she has a touch of collage. I cut the face first, loosely without drawing an outline, to avoid getting caught up in detail.. 

This woman looked like she was having a ball being photographed. She had a confident pose, uplifted chin and laughing italian eyes with Audrey Hepburn style eye make-up and brows.

sad-eyed woman

There was something rather sad about this woman’s eyes that touched me. My sketch looks very little like the original woman, but it has retained the inward gaze. Although it’s not a particularly good picture, I find that I like her in a personal way, so she’s going up.

Poolside Poodle doodles

Live from poolside, more inky sketches, more doggy doodles.

Ran out of Noodlers ink (now I’m not even trying to rhyme) at the pool and switched to Chinese ink (thanks Bella) which is interacting in an interesting way with a wet background.

Featured beasts include Candice and Bronson from Rowville and an assortment of holidaying children from Mordialloc.