Blackboard drawing

blackboard doodler

blackboard doodler –  indian ink, watercolour, soft pastel

This was another sketch done the same night as the washy girls. She’s not entirely successful, but was an enjoyable experiment, and I’m finding it fun to just draw or paint whatever I please on occasion as a brief interlude between cooking dinner, organising holiday activities for the kids, catching up with overdue accounting and Illustrating Thunderstorm Dancing. I had food in the frying pan as I was painting this so I couldn’t afford to be too pernickety :-)

Dip brush, run to kitchen, stir food, run to drawing board, stir paint, drink paint water. Oops!



5 thoughts on “Blackboard drawing

    1. Judy Watson Post author

      Oh thanks very much. Is your name Liz? I will pop over to visit your blog later. Clive is brilliant isn’t he and so warm and sharing with his process. I am so snowed under with deadlines that I haven’t had time to make a puppet yet, just these random sketches here and there to stay sane. My puppet will end up being a paper bag at the last minute at this rate :-(


      1. lizkingsangster

        Hi Judy, yes my name is Liz, I just found your reply to me on your blog today( I am not v.savvy in these things, I must have missed it before) anyway, you are right about Clive he is so generous and sharing. I have never made a puppet in my life, I don’t know how he persuaded me to take part! Now , a paper bag is a brilliant idea! But I’m sure you will create something wonderful; the sketches , as I said , are lovely.


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