Blue Cornish Shadow Dance – a work in progress

blue tabby Cornish shadow dance

Thunderstorm inking is in progress this afternoon. I stopped to paint a cat on a discarded piece of paper (a piece of paper with two eyes cut out of it for Greyfur the puppet and a great deal of splodgy ink). This is actually a glorified-blob drawing. The blob suggested the Cornish Rex, and then I finished it off and put some shadow play in the background, experimenting with tone and shape in the way that I want to much more in the future.  The Greyfur eye holes (bottom right) can be seen but have been filled in with a collaged piece of watercolour paper behind.

But here’s the thing. The original hard copy looks like this (below).

Cornish shadow dance original in progress Judywatsonart lores

I’m reasonably pleased with this picture as a start. But it needs more tonal contrast and more definition in some areas I think. I shaded those blue areas over the top of this image in PhotoShop, almost without thinking, because I’m using PhotoShop so much to edit and enhance illustration work at the moment. I wanted to see what would happen if I added a further layer of colour and shape.

Now I can go back and add this over the real image if I want to. Or in a different colour and pattern. It’s a handy experiment that I hadn’t thought of before that might be quite helpful with my painting practice sometimes.


4 thoughts on “Blue Cornish Shadow Dance – a work in progress

  1. lizkingsangster

    Delightful! What size is this? I love your blob drawings, you must see faces and animals everywhere you look! Now that I am successfully subscribed to your blog , ( I don’t know what happened before) I will be dipping into your archives, I just had a quick peek at the Cornish Soliloquy, it’s fantastic; again, I keep thinking the phrase ‘so refreshing’ when I look at your work, and I always come away from the computer with a feel-good smile on my face, your work gives me such pleasure, thanks.


    1. Judy Watson Post author

      Thanks Liz! Glad you’ve subscribed ok. I’ve been having a lovely time subscribing to lots of the puppet challenge contributors this evening. This puss is A4. Much bigger than my usual diminutive blobs. It was a patch of inky mess left over from painting my kangaroo puppet… rather suggestive, but I knew I wanted to draw a cat, so I was looking for it.
      Glad I’ve put a smile on your face. That seems a useful thing to be doing right now. Hopefully many more smiles to come :-)


    1. Judy Watson Post author

      Thank you! This was a different kind of blob process. I should have photographed the paper beforehand. It really was a bit of scrap and I was rewarding myself with a bit of free play after finishing a figure for my book. Thanks for taking the time to comment :)



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