The Bird Lover


Okay, this post came down. Now it’s going up again because I hear some people have linked to it. Sorry about that. Decided I wasn’t keen on it. But here it is again. Have posted plenty of warts-and-all experimental doodles before now, so why not this one?

the bird lover2 judywatsonart lores

Strange little doodle fellow with a Tove Jansson Groke nose…

For my bird loving Mum. (I know your nose doesn’t look like this, Mum.)

Furthermore… (in for a penny, in for a pound) here’s the earlier version of this pic. Which I decided was too dark. But it has a different, more raw and slightly spooky quality. Kids could have a go at something similar to this combining scraper board techniques with collage.

the bird lover judywatsonart lores


4 thoughts on “The Bird Lover

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  2. lizkingsangster

    I like the dark one , ( it’s daring to put something out there you are not quite sure of.) I love the colours too, and the way you have collaged the birdman. You see, even when you’re doubtful you are exceptional!


    1. Judy Watson Post author

      Liz, you are a darling. Glad you like the dark one. It’s more me. But I was in a dark mood when I drew it, so I rebelled against it. It was the more truthful picture. Either way these are not great. Very much in the nature of trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. (I began with no focus, and then began to focus when the bones were already in place.) But it doesn’t matter does it? All these brief doodles do lead to new places and I love that.


  3. Clive Hicks-Jenkins

    Play always yields gold, though it’s not always possible to recognise it at the time. I too like both these images, though favour the dark one, not least because I adore the spidery pale drawings. As for the imperfections inherent when galloping along playfully, it’s those that give the work life and vigour. The perfect drawing is often the most boring one. You need the grit in the oyster to make the pearl!



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