Blobs on a moving vehicle (again)

Another journey on the train to the city. More blobs. People at the moment.

Scanning is too time consuming at present, so here we have quick photos of the two pages. Colouring will come bit by bit. Apologies for the low quality.



For tonight, a coloured threesome. I like the girl journeying in the snow best. I will have to think on her story and add it later.

It’s interesting how this process has slowed down my hand to a more deliberate, less impulsive sort of line. And yet, because of the random blob shapes that form the starting point, the figures seem to retain a little of their energy.




4 thoughts on “Blobs on a moving vehicle (again)

  1. collis37

    I always get muddled replying to these. Never know when they are on view. Like the man, Ithink, who looks like a desert nomad looking, searching for a lost animal. J

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