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Blobs on a moving vehicle (again)

Another journey on the train to the city. More blobs. People at the moment.

Scanning is too time consuming at present, so here we have quick photos of the two pages. Colouring will come bit by bit. Apologies for the low quality.



For tonight, a coloured threesome. I like the girl journeying in the snow best. I will have to think on her story and add it later.

It’s interesting how this process has slowed down my hand to a more deliberate, less impulsive sort of line. And yet, because of the random blob shapes that form the starting point, the figures seem to retain a little of their energy.




Week 27: Snow (experiments with blobs part 6)

These first two are grey blobs with red crayons scribbles in the middle of them. I have found they are harder to turn into things. The red crayon scribble is quite distracting! Who would have thought?

blue bird plays in the snow judywatsonart lores

Blue Booby Baby Blob Bird Playing in the Snow.

Ink, red crayon, felt tip, watercolour, white acrylic, digital layering.

Old dog in the snow judywatsonart lores

Old Dog in the Snow.

Also ink, red crayon, felt tip, watercolour, white acrylic, digital layering.

searchandrescue dog judywatsonart lores

Search and Rescue Dog in the Snow. 

This one has no digital layering. Thought I’d see what the white acrylic paint could do with the snow all by itself. I also skipped the red crayon scribble. Instead, this time I did a grey ink background wash with a red watercolour blob in the middle The red watercolour blob was what suggested the shape of the dog character and the rest followed from there.

I didn’t think I’d come up with anything for the ‘snow’ theme actually. It isn’t something I have much experience with. But blobs are a good way to start when you don’t know where to start. Then, just add some warm winter woollies and snow.