Thunderstorm Dancing – nearly a book

Thunderstorm Dancing cover lores


Here it is! the finished cover and what you will see in the shops from next April. Currently it is away being made into a book, with paper and ink and all that stuff we like.

As with childbirth… all the grunting and groaning is fading away, and soon I won’t remember that it was difficult at all :-)



7 thoughts on “Thunderstorm Dancing – nearly a book

    1. Judy Watson Post author

      Thank you Bridget. I hope you’ll enjoy some snippets from ‘Leonard Doesn’t Dance’ by Frances Watts coming soon. It’ll be birds and more birds. How did you go with your musical composition?


    1. Judy Watson Post author

      Oh how lovely you are. No, I’m not sure it’s possible yet as it isn’t up on any of the sales sites yet, nor the publisher’s site. But it soon will be. I’ll post when I hear that it is. X



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