Flying by the Seat of my Pants

A Fleering Cat, painted in the bath

Fleering … Shakespearian for grinning. Who would have thought? Do you know that you can paint in the bath using your ArtGraf water-soluble graphite block in its handy tin and a brush. Just add bathwater. 

My apologies for my long absence from posting. I have been flying, not fleering.

The Bologna Children’s Book Fair was an eye-opening and fabulous experience. More on that later.

Elizabeth Honey, Ann Haddon and Judy Watson enter The Fair

Elizabeth Honey, Ann Haddon and Judy Watson enter The Fair

Puglia was beautiful, and the trulli were as lovely as I could wish them to be. More on that later too.

trullo with red doors and grapevines

trullo with red doors and grapevines

While I was flying to Italy, my husband Scott bought a house for us at auction and when I returned home two weeks later, I was thrown into a whirlwind of preparation for the sale of our current house. Whirlwind notwithstanding and with our auction two weeks away, it’s back to work today. And this is a marker post!

Leonard here I come.

6 thoughts on “Flying by the Seat of my Pants

    1. Judy Watson Post author

      Ha ha! Thank you. I’m glad to be back! Our new house is nothing like a trullo. Although my Australian travelling companions and I wondered why we see none in Australia since many of the builders of the trulli emigrated to Australia (among other places) and the skill was almost lost from southern Italy. The trulli would be well suited to some places in western Victoria (Australia) where the dry landscape is remarkably similar to that of Puglia.

      I thought of you Peter, on Sunday when I started making paper-mâché monsters to hang in the camellia tree. A sudden urge to make pink monsters… This time I hope I finish them.


      1. Peter

        I like the sound of that – paper monsters swinging in trees. Will there be any photos to follow? I hope so!

        Also if your new garden is big enough then you should seriously consider making a trullo artists studio for it – ha!


      2. Judy Watson Post author

        Alas Peter, I have not the trullo-building skills. But (hooray) there is an artists studio space in the new house. We are just wondering if it might be too neat and precious looking for a studio though. I may have to do my messy stuff in the garage so that I can really enjoy it!!!

        I will definitely add paper monster photos to the blog. But the weather is so bad here at present, all sensible paper monsters remain indoors.


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