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Federation Square drawing and chatting tomorrow (13th June)

I might see you at Federation Square, if you are Melbourne based. Please say hi, if you are in the area. I’d love to see you.

I’m bringing a small number of limited edition prints to sell at the book stall along with signed books.

Below are some prints from the actual book, that will be for sale. And following them you’ll see some altered book prints which show the inspiration for the medium that was used in the book. But they also show the difference between the artificially created cream and the natural vintage book parchment.

My chance to sing lores JudyWatsonArt Ready Set Go lores JudyWatsonArt Thunder imprint page boat lores JudyWatsonArt Thunder opening spread seascape lores JudyWatsonArt

The parchment is naturally a much dirtier colour… which appeals to my inky nature, but the Allen & Unwin book designer Sandra Nobes very rightly recommended a clean cream for the book itself, and this is where PhotoShop was my ally. Thanks Sandra and PhotoShop.

tabby kitten lores JudyWatsonArt Cornish library tick cat lores JudyWatsonArt

Title Page complete

Yes! I have just delivered the title page illustration for Thunderstorm Dancing.

It’s not the last picture to finish, but it feels significant.

cornish cats in the grass judywatsonart lores

Here are some Cornish Rex cats in the grass; working sketches for the title page group.

Tommy title page snippetAnd a fragment of the finished image. Tommy, bucket in hand, off to play on the sand dunes with brother, sister, dog and cat!

It’s understood that only picture book Cornish Rex cats and Whippets will play on the sand dunes in windy weather with a storm on the horizon.

Thanks goodness for my hard-earned Picture Book Licence. :-)


Mentone Park Primary School fundraiser auction

Dogs, dogs and more dogs! Do you desire dalmatians? Do you prefer pugs? What dogs do you like? Maybe some honest mutts?

These original illustrations (and perhaps a couple more if time allows) will be auctioned to raise funds for my sons’ primary school in Mentone Australia. The final day for bidding will be Saturday 23 March (if you can make it over to Broome Ave Mentone in person to enjoy the fun of the school fete) or you can bid over the phone until Friday 22 March if you live too far away or you’re too busy sipping champagne by the pool.

If you would like to phone through a bid with your credit card details, call the school office on +613 9583 4935 or you could email them on mentone.park.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au to make arrangements.

The Dalmatian and the Pug are monotypes (one-off prints) hand coloured with watercolour.


pug web

dalmatian web