Dog with balloon

balloon dog judywatsonart lores

Inspired by one of my greatest illustrator heroes, Tomi Ungerer. Indian ink and watercolour. With digital string as a bit of a cheat. (my last little offering for Week 37: balloons)

4 thoughts on “Dog with balloon

    1. Judy Watson Post author

      Thanks Trevor! Actually I was looking at Ungerer’s ‘The Three Robbers’ last night and wondering how exactly he did do it. Because in part the great effect is the result of a contrast between the pools of watercolour and a very flat black, blue and pale yellow (moon). There would not have been computer means in those days, but was it a collage or the work of the printer to achieve the flatness?


      1. Trevor Mill

        Just seen the three robbers, blimey, that’s good.
        It would be fairly easy to get the solid black pre-computer. Up the contrast on the black plate, black paper etc. You could do all the colours in black, then make them the right colours later, like in screen printing. Fun.


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