Journeys with Birds – playing with colour



The mad colour theme continues this evening. It’s the last day of the school and Easter holidays proper. (Although the school has a curriculum day tomorrow so the boys will be home for one more day.)

This is another bit of playing around for the 52 Week illustration Challenge. It’s not a very serious endeavour and I didn’t try to make anything perfect. I think it’s great to have the chance to do this every now and then, because the pressure is definitely on to get the paid work perfect. (By this I mean that I pressure myself, not that author, editor or anyone else pressures me.) So this kind of play is quite enriching and definitely relaxing. Although the red version was the one I posted, I think it’s the one I like least now.

This is probably more interesting if you see the original daggy drawing (below) that I manipulated into the book covers, with an hour of twiddling in PhotoShop and then Illustrator. Although I drew this unremarkable little bird doodle, even I have trouble seeing the resemblance between the original and the resulting bird. It’s like that shameless re-making that advertisers do with fashion models.

But I do appreciate the flexibility of the software tools I have to hand, especially now that I have plenty of good paint-and-mess time at the drawing board as well. I miss it badly if I’m not getting messy in the paint.




5 thoughts on “Journeys with Birds – playing with colour

  1. Biddy Healey

    Hi Judy,
    This is beautiful! Thanks for sharing your stuff – especially things that you consider ‘not perfect’. It makes me want to try a 52 week challenge for composing music – I’m on a sort of a shaky quest to let go of making things good and instead just produce more using any materials I find (the last one was made using my phone number). Since I have number-letter-colour synaesthesia, one of your paintings is next up on the list as inspiration. (And now that I’ve told you (and anyone else reading this) I’m doing it, it means I have to.) Will let you know how I go :p


    1. Judy Watson Post author

      Fantastic Bridget! I can’t wait to see (or hear:-) what you come up with! This is the fascinating blog post on letter-colour synaesthesia I found on line. Is that similar to your experience?



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