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Twisted Whiskers… or the Spoodle Doodle

Okay, so hopefully your café waiter is enriching your life with insightful children’s book recommendations by now. (See my earlier post here)

But is your vet into book illustration? If not, change to this one. My vet sends me photos of endearing beasts from her surgery. All illustrators need this service.

Here is a Spoodle with very talented whiskers. His name is Charlie and he looks a little glum because he is sleepy after his pre-med. I have heard that he likes to lick feet (and sometimes dig up veggie patches after they have been covered in Blood & Bone;-)


If you can’t see how talented his whiskers are in that photo, try this one.

photo 3

If you still can’t see, then you must use your imagination. I did.

Stage One... the whiskered wolf

Stage One… the whiskered wolf

But it  wasn’t enough. I mean, really… was it?

photo 2

Stage 2… some further growth

In for a penny, in for a pound. Might as well have a bit more fun…

I like the irish terrier. If only she were a standard poodle instead, she would make a fine, proud mother for a doodled spoodle.

I like the irish terrier. If only she were a standard poodle instead, she would make a fine, proud mother for a doodled spoodle.

It has been interesting to spend time making meaning progressively more tenebrous rather than aiming for clarity as would be more usual in my paid work! It’s rather like creating a very elaborate and wandering daydream on paper.

I wonder whether this imbroglio represents the state of my mind lately :-)

Exquisite Corpses and Found Blubber

exquisite corpse 1 exquisite corpse 2

We played the Exquisite Corpse game for the first time with the kids in the car yesterday on our way to Healesville Sanctuary. It seemed to work, so the boys and I had another go at the beach today using Noodlers Ink, in-between rock-pooling and reading books. It was fun and easy. It would be interesting to see what would happen if we worked up the results with more detail and colour afterwards, but sometimes it’s good to just let something be simple and finished! (By the way, the first ‘corpse’ is not impaled with serrated blades… she has 2 sets of wings!)

The boys enjoyed drawing in old books so much they went spontaneously on to explore their own kind of ‘found poetry‘ by blocking out words to make new sentences. Arty (who was drawing in an old copy of Shakespeare’s King Richard II), then started drawing Richard the Boy, Richard the Dog and Richard the Elephant. I imagine he will put them on his own blog :-)

I continued doing weird drawings in my vintage nature book that turned out like this.

Whale Spirit Dancing - found poem

I think this is a dancing whale spirit…?

And this.