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Experiments with Blobs (part 4)

Here are some of the coloured blobs from a week ago.

An assortment of mutts, birds and abominations.

First the mutts.

girly mutt

Sickeningly Girly Mutt

glum scruffy mutt

Disappointed Mutt

little mutt

Cheery Puppy Mutt

miserable mutt

Gloomy Mutt

sniffing mutt

Sniffy Mutt

wirey mutt

Wiry Mutt

Then the birds

cheery bird

Cheery Bird

moulting bolting bird

Moulting Bolting Bird

silly bird

Silly Bird (Hugo’s favourite)

silly owl

Opera Owl

And a few Abominations

strange snail

Salvador Snail

strange piggy

Political Pig

bunny in a box

Bunny in a Box