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Coming Full Circle

We are tidying up the house before school starts tomorrow. An ambitious task, given a week or three, let alone one afternoon…

The boys went through a HUGE pile of their artwork in the kitchen and decided what to keep and what to recycle (I didn’t dare look). Aside from lots of kids’ artwork, they found some interesting other items including, a bag with a badge and pen from a toy train festival, two of my missing tax activity statements… for years already lodged (ahem), a pile of receipts for the same, and a few bits of my own mislaid drawings.

pencil testing pony

Mitsu-Bishi Hi-uni Poni with black wings

These were among them. They refer back to the first tests of the new pencil range that Scott bought in his Pencil Period, which I blogged about when I had just started Endpapers.

Here is another odd pair of sketches. I”m including them just because I have to finish cleaning the kitchen now :-)

pencil sketches kids with dogs

Miscellaneous! This was the beginning of my whippet phase, because of Thunderstorm Dancing. And Dexter the ball-obsessed Staffordshire Bull Terrier is of course the perfect foil to a whippet.



I’m drawing whippets over and over again until I get the expression just right for final art.

Sometimes, when I’ve drawn the dog several times over in the ‘pose’ (for want of a better word) required for the illustration, I still can’t get it right. Low growl.

Then I sometimes draw the dog (or cat, or person) in another way entirely and it gets my brain out of the gridlock.

Here’s Lucy telling me to play ball and chill out sister.

Lucy with winning expression

Ball anyone?

Lucy the whippet gets in on the action...

Lucy the whippet gets in on the action…

dance hands poppy re-draw

Poor Poppy. As I have a thumping headache at the moment due to a cold, I sympathise with his predicament :-)

dance hands lucy re-draw 1

Often it’s the quickest pictures that have the most life… And often the quickest pictures are pictures of dogs… Ahem

dance hands alice re-draw leg up

This needs to be re-worked and then ‘unworked’! But I’m trying for that look that Hugo gets when he is squirming with glee, half crushing whatever he is holding, and throwing his legs about from a safe vantage point… not quite ready to join in… The cat is getting closer to the right baleful and disgusted expression :-)