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endpapers instead of Endpapers

I’m working flat out to finish Thunderstorm Dancing before the end of the month, so I haven’t much time to post here. Nor is there much to post, because the illos for the book are under wraps until publication… apart from small snippets.

Yesterday I finished the endpapers for the back of the book. Today I’ll hopefully finish the front endpapers. I suppose it could be okay to post a bit of an endpaper on Endpapers.

Here’s part of the back endpapers.

Cornish Cat called Thunder

Cornish Cat called Thunder with seagulls and afternoon tea

And here’s my very hurried 52 Week Illustration Challenge contribution for this week (Under the Sea) which I made with some leftover fish bones drawn for Thunder endpapers. I’m sure leftover fish bones are an under-utilised art material…

This didn’t really work, because I was hurrying so much. Having said that, the imperfect, rough edges on everything are deliberate. I like the rough prickliness of the pasted fish and seaweed drawings, which gives them a fossilised or desiccated look.

Halloween Under the Sea

Halloween Under the Sea

Both of these works are made using drawings done with Prismacolour Artstick, scanned and coloured in PhotoShop, on top of watercolour and ink background washes.

Oh, and lastly, just this little fragment from one of my illustrations for the book. (The lightning page.) I love the close-up sections of some pages, with none of the action or figures present, making them abstract. This one reminds me of the skin of a whale swimming deep underwater. I feel I should paint a whale eye and put it in one corner. Perhaps later, when all is done.

Thunder lightning sky fragment

Thunder lightning sky fragment


Temptation at Vinnies Rosebud

sailing endpapers

Some real endpapers that I resisted at Rosebud Vinnies on Saturday. (How did I do that? The cover wasn’t great.)

Dr Doolittles Circus endpapers

And some endpapers that I just couldn’t resist. From Doctor Dolittle’s Circus. A copy without its dust jacket but rather delightful, and paired with a copy of Dr Dolittle and the Secret Lake. I bought both, along with a 1956 copy of Latta and Macbeath’s ‘The Elements of Logic‘ for Scotty to satisfy both his love of logic and his illogical weakness for a nice old book with a special feature. In this case, a custom ‘postage stamp’ on the inside of the front cover advertising the bookstore where it came from. Grahame Book Company.

book shop stamp

Going back to Dr Dolittle for a moment, is it just me, or does this internal illustration from the book depict The Mymble’s long lost sister? (feistiness of this kind runs in the Mymble family, remember.)

Dr Doolittle meets Mymble

Here’s the mysterious Dolittle lady apparently bumping people from a high place ‘by accident’…

Mymble and daughters

And here is the Mymble with sundry feisty daughters. She is introduced to moomin fans in The Exploits of Moominpappa by Tove Jansson (one of my all time fave books).